Per NRS 361.0445, the Department must provide a description of the assessment process and an explanation of the manner in which property taxes are calculated. Click on the link below for this information in: Nevada Elements and Applications. 

NRS 361.0445 also requires the Department to post the rates of taxes imposed by various taxing entities and the revenues generated by those taxes. You may find this information in “Property Tax Rates for Nevada Local Governments” commonly called the “Redbook.” Back up one page and go to the Section entitled “Local Government Finance,” then scroll down to “Local Government Finance Publications”. Select the “Local Government Finance Redbook.”

The following are links provided by the Department leading to individual county assessor and treasurer websites in Nevada.

County Assessors Office Websites

County Treasurers Office Contact Info

County Treasurers Office Websites

** Counties that cannot post their own rolls are posted by the Department of Taxation website. Access the County website by clicking on the County Link. 

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