Retail Marijuana Applications

Department to accept applications for retail marijuana establishment licenses

The Department is seeking applications from qualified existing medical marijuana establishment certificate owner(s) to be awarded retail marijuana establishment licenses of the same type of medical marijuana registration certificate they currently hold and who do not already hold a retail marijuana establishment license. This application period is also open to NRS 369 liquor wholesalers to apply for a distribution license.

    When can I apply?

    The application period will run from November 27 through November 29, 2017.

      Who qualifies to apply?

      Existing Nevada medical marijuana establishments may apply if they hold a registration certificate(s) and: 

      • Do not already hold a retail marijuana establishment license; and 
      • Are in “good standing” as defined in the marijuana regulations currently in effect, including but not limited to: 
        • All licenses, certificates, and fees are current and paid; and 
        • No registration certificate suspension within 6 months of the effective date of the marijuana establishment license for enforcement violations including but not limited to provisions NRS 453A.352, NRS 453A.362, NAC 453A.406, NAC 453A.414, NAC 453A.658, NAC 453A.668, and NAC 453A.672. Within 6 months would be dated back to June 15, 2017.   
        • Applicant is not delinquent in the payment of any tax administered by the Department or is not in default on payment required pursuant to a written agreement with the Department; or is not otherwise liable to the Department for the payment of money;   
        • No citations for illegal activity or criminal conduct; and 
        • Plans of correction are complete and on time, or are in progress. 

      Persons holding a liquor wholesaler dealer license pursuant to NRS 369 may apply for distribution licenses:
      • Person has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 0.039
        • The person holding the wholesaler liquor dealer license must be the person applying for the marijuana distributor license; and
        • The applicant and each person who is proposed to be an owner, officer, or board member of the entity must comply with the provisions set forth in NRS 453A.322 and NRS 453A.332 regarding fingerprinting and background checks.

        How do I apply?

        Applications can be submitted to any Department of Taxation office.