Utility and Transportation Reporting Forms

Utility and Transportation Properties

Under the authority of NRS 361.320, the Centrally Assessed Properties Section is responsible for the valuation, assessment, collection and distribution of ad Valorem ("according to value") taxes related to the operating property of an interstate or Intercounty nature, such as those owned by airlines, railroads, telecommunications, electric power, gas pipeline, private carlines and water companies.

    Current Bulletins/Publications

    The Centrally Assessed section publishes several reports for the Department. All reports are in Adobe format. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat, you may click on the Adobe icon so that you may view these reports.

      Airline Industry

      Energy Industry and Municipal Electrics

      Gas and Pipeline Industry

      Telecommunications Industry

      Railroad Industry

      Private Carlines

      Construction Work in Progress (CWIP)

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