Marijuana Establishments

Approved Delivery Companies

The companies on this list have been inspected by the Nevada Department of Taxation, Marijuana Enforcement Division and are approved to deliver cannabis. All vehicles must carry an approved vehicle inspection form at all times and present the form to law enforcement upon request. Vehicles without approved inspection forms are out of compliance and may be subject to state and local penalties as prescribed by law. For more information or to report a violation or concern, please write to 

RETAIL CUSTOMER DELIVERY - Recreational possession limit: 5 oz flower, 17,500 mg of concentrate or combination not to exceed  equivalent of 5 oz of usable marijuana. Medical possession limit: 10 oz flower, 35,000 mg of concentrate or combination not to exceed  equivalent of 10 oz of usable marijuana
BlackBird Delivery
DISTRIBUTOR - Unlimited Possession
5Seat Investments
Ararat Wine and Liquor Wholesalers
Carson City Agency
Circle S Farms, LLC
Clear River, LLC
Corleone Wines
Crooked Wines (DBA Blackbird)
Crooked Wines Reno (DBA Blackbird)
CWNevada, LLC
D.H. Aldebaran Inc.
Franklin Bioscience
Focus Distribution
Gravitas Nevada
Greenleaf Enterprises
Greenway Medical
Integral Associates, LLC
LivFree Wellness
Lone Mountain Partners, LLC
Matrix NV, LLC
MBNV Investments
MM Development
Nevada Botanical Sciences
Nevada Organic Remedies, LLC
Nevada Wholesalers
Nye Natural Medicinal Solutions
Nuleaf Clark Dispensary
Pure Tonic Concentrates
Qualcan, LLC
Redwood Warehouse
Sahara Wellness (DBA: Desert Aire)
Serenity Wellness
Southern Nevada Growers
Tahoe Hydroponics
Tahoe Reno Extractions
TGIG, LLC     
V6E Holdings, LLC
Vegas Valley Groers North, LLC
Waveseer of Las Vegas
WSCC, Inc.