Why did I receive the Welcome letter?

Welcome letters are sent to notify businesses about their commerce tax filing requirements.

    Exempt entity status was mentioned in the Welcome letter. Should I file the Exempt Status Entity form?

    Please review our Filing Requirement FAQs before you submit the form. There is a very limited list of the entities and exempt reasons. The Exempt Status Entity forms submissions are reviewed by the Department. A form filed in error will be rejected. If you are unsure about your entity exempt status, ask here.

      A pre-approved Nevada Tax Access Code in the Welcome letter, what is it for?

      This code is to enroll in the Nevada Tax Center system to file the commerce tax return online. Filing the commerce tax online will save you time and cost of mailing the return.

        I've never used the Nevada Tax Center before. How do I enroll?

        Instructions for enrollment in the Nevada Tax Center can be found here.

          An Additional Information form was enclosed to the Welcome letter. What is it for?

          The form is used to verify information about your business the Department received from the Nevada Secretary of State. Complete the Commerce Tax Additional Information Form and send it back to the Department via mail.

            Can I file the Commerce Tax Return before July 1, 2016?

            Only if your business is closed before July 1, 2016 you may file an early return. If so, check the “final return” box.

              I enrolled in Nevada Tax system and sent the Additional Information Form. What do I do next?

              You can file a Commerce Tax return and pay Commerce Tax liability electronically.

              If the gross revenue of your business from engaging in business in Nevada is over $4,000,000, please review the Commerce Tax Return Instructions