Request an Advisory Opinion

Request an Advisory Opinion

For a detailed ruling or written advice as it relates to your business, you can request an advisory opinion. 

Per NAC 360.190, include the following:

  • Your petition must be in writing
  • Your petition must be addressed to the Director of the Nevada Department of Taxation
  • Your petition must contain:
    • A statement that an advisory opinion is requested;
    • A succinct statement of all the facts and circumstances necessary to dispose of the petition;
    • A clear, simple statement of the issue or question to be resolved;
    • A statement of all statutes, rules, agency decisions or other authorities which the petitioner believes may be relevant in disposing of the petition;
    • A statement with supporting arguments and authorities of the petitioner’s opinion of a proper disposition of the petition.
Mail your petition to:
  Department of Taxation
  Attention Director
  3850 Arrowhead Drive
  Carson City, NV 89706
Alternatively, you can send your petition via fax:
  Department of Taxation
  Attention Director
  Fax (775) 684-2020

More Information

Nevada Tax Commission

Tel: (775) 684-2096

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