About Nevada Taxes & the Department

The Department of Taxation is the main organization in charge of revenue collection for the state through taxes and fees.

This revenue helps support the State General Fund, education fund through the State Pupil’s Centered Funding Plan, local government budgets, and the State Debt Service Fund.

The Department’s job is to make sure the tax system in Nevada is run fairly, efficiently, and effectively.

Functions of the Department

  • Administers the collection and distribution of approximately $9 billion annually in state and local government revenue from 21 different tax types.
  • Appraises property of an interstate or inter-county nature as well as mining property.
  • Establishes guidelines for county assessors, recorders, and treasurers; monitors appraisal and assessment performance; and ensures statewide compliance with assessment standards established by the Nevada Tax Commission.
  • Reviews local government budgets and audits, prepares ad valorem tax rates for certification, and advises local governments on Budget Act compliance and financial management matters.
  • Provides certified annual population estimates for the state and its counties and incorporated cities.
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