Demographic Publications

The State Demographer is responsible for population products that are required for revenue distribution, planning, and budgeting at the State and local levels. These products are also used by public and private entities for information and decision making. The products are annual population estimates for counties, incorporated cities, unincorporated towns, and judicial townships (NRS 360.283); 5-year near-term population projections and 20-year long term projections (NRS 360.289); and county-level Age, Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin (ASRHO) estimates and projections (NRS 360.289).

The State Demographer works with the Census Bureau through the Federal State Cooperative for Population Estimates (FSCPE), Federal State Cooperative for Population Projections (FSCPP), and assists the US Census Bureau in its own estimates of Nevada municipal and county populations by collecting input data and reviewing preliminary population estimates (NRS 360.283). The State Demographer is an affiliate of the Nevada State Data Center currently managed through the Nevada State Library and Archives. The State Demographer is also the repository for county-level parcel data sets (NRS 250.087) and is a member of the Economic Forum’s Technical Advisory Committee (NRS 353.229).


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