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What licenses & permits does the Department of Taxation require of new businesses?

In order:

1 – Federal EIN#

2 – Business License

3 – Sales & Use Tax Permit / Consumer Use Tax Permit

*Every retailer selling tangible personal property that will be stored, used, or consumed in Nevada must have a Business License and Sales/Use Tax Permit (NRS 372.220).

Please contact the Department by phone at (866) 962-3707 for additional registration, taxes and license information if you:

  • Are a financial institution.
  • Buy/sell alcohol or tobacco.
  • Host/charge admission to live entertainment events.
  • Operate a facility at which exhibitions are held.
  • Sell tires at retail.
  • Rent out vehicles for short periods (less than 30 days).

If you provide insurance services, you should contact the Department of Insurance

How do I apply for a Business License?

  • Get a Business License ID# online with SilverFlume (Secretary of State).
    You must have a FEIN# first.

How do I apply for a Sales/Use or Consumer Use Tax Permit?

After you have a Business License ID# from Secretary of State:

  • If you are a retailer, register online at Nevada Tax Center to apply for a Sales/Use Tax Permit.
  • If you’re not a retailer, you can apply for a Consumer Use Tax Permit at Nevada Tax Center.
    • Applying online, you will receive the permit ID# within 24 hours.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Nevada Business Registration Form to get the Sales & Use Tax Permit or Consumer Use Tax Permit. Return it by mail to:
    Department of Taxation, 3850 Arrowhead Dr., 2nd Floor, Carson City NV 89706*
    • Please allow several weeks for the permit ID# when using this form, or longer if payment is not received at the same time as the form.
  • For more information about taxes and licenses, please visit the Nevada Tax FAQ or Register a Business FAQ.

Do I need unemployment insurance for my business?

*NRS 363A & B require that all Nevada employers pay a Modified Business Tax (MBT) on their gross total payroll. This tax applies to the wages of employees in Nevada for whom the employer must pay Nevada Unemployment Insurance.

What are the fees to register a new business?

Sales tax permit per location $15.00
Certificate of compliance (sale and shipping of liquor in Nevada) $50.00
Wholesale application (to import and/or wholesale of wine, liquor or beer)
Brew pubs, breweries or wineries located in State of Nevada $75.00
Importer of wine, beer, and spirits $500.00
Importer of beer $150.00
Wholesale of wine, beer and spirits $250.00
Wholesaler of beer $75.00
Cigarette wholesale dealers license $650.00
Other tobacco products wholesale dealers license $650.00
Cigarette manufacturers license $1,000.00
Tobacco retail dealer license $50.00

Do I need to provide information about the business owner on the Nevada Business Registration form?

Yes, when filling out the Nevada Business Registration, you must include information about the owner(s). Any information you provide to the Department is kept confidential.

  • This includes the owner’s names, how much of the business they own, their job titles, home addresses, Social Security Numbers, and phone numbers.
  • The Department of Taxation needs this information to keep their records accurate and complete.
  • If you do not provide all the required information, the Department may not be able to finish your business registration.

What should I enter on line 8 and line 10 on the Nevada Business Registration form if my business is not located in Nevada?

If you do not have a location in Nevada but are registering with the Department, please enter your out-of-state Business Name on line 8, ‘Nevada Name (DBA)’ and your Business Location on line 10, ‘Location of Nevada Business Operations’. 

I am unable to register with my Local County or City until I provide proof from the Nevada Department of Taxation. What do I do? 

In order to provide verification that you are appropriately registered with the Department, you may provide the City or County any one of the following items:* 

  • A copy of your Nevada Business Registration or with the Department of Taxation’s received stamp on it. 
  • A copy of your Sales Tax Permit or Consumer Use Tax Permit. 
  • Confirmation from our online system, Nevada Tax. 
  • Compliance letter that is either notarized or signed in front of a Taxation employee.

*Note: each county or city may have different requirements. Proof of registration with Nevada Department of Taxation is received faster when done through Nevada Tax Center.

What information is available for a newly registered business?  

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