Online Services

Registering to file and pay online is simple if you have your current 10-digit taxpayer’s identification number (TID), a recent payment amount and general knowledge of your business.

You will need a Nevada Business License to file your business taxes. If you do not have a Business License, please go to the next drop-down to get a Business License with Nevada Secretary of State's SilverFlume Online Registration.

If you need an Employer ID Number (EIN), please see the IRS website.

Use Nevada Secretary of State's SilverFlume as an invaluable tool to start and expand your businesses.

Since its launch in 2012, SilverFlume has processed more than 1.8 million online filings to support Nevada businesses. Both new and existing businesses are invited to use SilverFlume to simplify their operations.

The New Business Checklist can provide you a quick summary of which licenses you'll need, estimated cost, and time to obtain licensing.

You may conduct an internet search to ascertain if a vendor holds a valid permit. You may also submit a tax evasion tip for sellers that may not be reporting or remitting tax the the department.

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