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Nevada Tax Notes, July 2024 - Issue 200

  • Purchases of Vessels, Taxability of Propane Gas, How to Report Employee Meals, Taxability of Bullion, Surcharges, Taxability of Ice, Taxability of Medicine, Diagnostic Testing Drugs and Supplies

Nevada Tax Notes, April 2024 - Issue 199

  • Live Entertainment Tax, Wedding Chapels and Sales Tax, One-Time Events, Trade Shows and Conventions, Street Vendors and Retailers

Nevada Tax Notes, January 2024 - Issue 198

  • New Tax Laws SB277 and AB430, Medical Sales of Cannabis, Penalty and Interest, Consumer Use Tax

Nevada Tax Notes, October 2023 - Issue 197

  • Department Move Announcement, Tobacco License Renewal, Sales Tax Holiday Nevada National Guard

Nevada Tax Notes, August 2023 - Issue 196

  • Ask the Advisor, New Taxation Laws, Public Records Requests

Nevada Tax Notes, April 2023 - Issue 195

  • Asset Sales, Garage Sales, Occasional Sales, and Sales Tax; Vending Machines; Public Records Requests; Tips to Taxpayers; Approved Regulations

Nevada Tax Notes, January 2023 - Issue 194

  • Federal Income Tax, Consumer Use Tax, Screen Printing, Tips for Taxpayers, Vitamins, Supplements, and Energy Drinks

Nevada Tax Notes, October 2022 - Issue 193

  • Tobacco license renewals; Nevada National Guard Sales Tax Holiday; Christmas Tree Vendors; Surcharges; Mobile Devices & Activation Fees; Sales Tax Permit Fee Language; Recently Approved Regulations; Tire Tax

Nevada Tax Notes, July 2022 - Issue 192

  • Purchases of vessels; Sales and trades of vessels; What to do if contacted for an audit; Tax Abatement Program; Adopted Regulations; Tax Evasion; Cannabis and the Department

Nevada Tax Notes, January 2023 - Issue 191

  • Address changes; Event and Party Planning; Liquor License Renewals; Closing Accounts; Language Access Survey; Charcoal, Briquettes, and Propane Subject to Sales Tax
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