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Local Government Services (LGS) Publications

Published tables of fair market rents to be used in determining whether rental properties are eligible for the 3% abatement pursuant to NRS 361.4724. NRS 361.4724 requires a comparison of the rents collected from a rental property to the fair market rent for the county in which the dwelling is located, as most recently published by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Top Ten Highest Asessed Value Taxpayers

Nevada Property Tax

Assessor and Treasurer Pages are available on each county website.  Please navigate to the appropriate page for information on property tax.

Performance Audit

Property Tax – Centrally Assessed

Property Tax – Locally Assessed

Property Tax – General

The Statistical Analysis of the Roll, compiled by the Division of Excise & Local Government Services, lists the statistics pertaining to each county's reported assessment activity. It contains the total assessed values for all categories of property, the number of parcels or assessments, the number and value of exemptions, and the acreage in each real property category.

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