Real Property Tax & FAQ's


The Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) is a tax collected when an interest in real property is conveyed (NRS 375). It is collected by the County Recorder at the time of recording. A Declaration of Value form is required to be completed so the tax can be calculated. The rate varies among counties. In 2003, the legislature added $1.30 per $500 of value to the rate levied on the transfer of real property for use by the State of Nevada, in addition to the rates already established for local revenues. The basis for the tax is the actual selling price or the estimated market value of the property. The Department of Assessment Standards (DOAS) oversees the collection process including determination of exempt transactions; and audits the records of the county recorders

    Who is affected?

    All parties who participate in transactions involving the transfer of real property.

      Who do I talk to about my property taxes?

      Local Property Taxes are billed by your local county assessor and or treasurer.  Questions regarding billings should be addressed to your local county assessor/treasurer.  The name, address, parcel number and telephone number should be on the bottom portion of your bill, or can be found under the publications section of this site.

        My Leasing company just charged me tax on an amount charged for "personal property tax". Is that correct?

        The fee/charge for access to an airport and the charge for reimbursement of property taxes will not be considered part of the gross lease/rental charge if separately stated.  NRS 372.025 and NAC 372.080(11)

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