Introduction to Nevada Commerce Tax Video Training Series

Module One: Filing Requirements

Topics include: business entities, nexus, filing requirements, registration for Commerce Tax, exempt entities, and claiming exempt status.

  • Module One: Filing Requirements

Module Two: Filing the Return

Topics discussed: when, where and how to file the Commerce Tax return, filing a return based on estimates, filing for a short tax year, extensions, simplified reporting method for small businesses, and reporting for businesses with Nevada gross revenue over $4,000,000.

Module Three: Gross Revenue

Topics discussed: gross revenue, exclusions, deductible adjustments, and “net approach” in reporting.

Module Four: Gross Revenue Situs

Topics discussed: situsing gross revenue to Nevada by revenue type and situsing methods.

Module Five: Deductions

Topics discussed: available deductions, including general business deductions, pass-through revenue deductions, and industry-specific deductions and the rules for taking them.

Module Six: NAICS and Tax Rates

Topics discussed: how to select and change your NAICS code category and tax rates based on NAICS code category.

Module Seven: Resources

Topics discussed: how to locate Commerce Tax forms, instructions, laws and regulations, how to contact the Department with Commerce Tax questions, request an advisory opinion, and more.

Module Eight: Commerce Tax Credit

Topics discussed: Commerce Tax Credit - when and how to take a Commerce Tax Credit toward Modified Business Tax liability, rules for the Affiliated Groups, how to fill in the Affiliated Group Payroll Provider Application, and more.

Module Nine: Filing a Commerce Tax Return Online

Topics discussed: How to sign up and register your business to file your Commerce Tax return online, navigate the tabs, view a previously filed online return, manage users, read messages, and more.

Module Ten: How to Make a Payment Online

Topics discussed: How to make an online payment in the Nevada Tax Center, payments methods, and more.