Conduct for the Hearing

The following guidelines are set to ensure all individuals feel comfortable and secure while attending a hearing.

  1. No weapons are allowed in the hearing facility.
  2. No smoking, eating, or drinking (except water) during the hearing.
  3. No shorts, tank tops, or T-shirts which show offensive slogans or pictures are allowed.
  4. Hats should be removed before entering the hearing room.
  5. Do not bring children to the hearing.
  6. All cellular telephones and electronic devices must be silenced prior to the hearing.
  7. The use of profanity is prohibited.
  8. The parties should address the Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) as “Your Honor” or “Judge” and treat the ALJ with courtesy, respect and deference.
  9. Each hearing participant must treat all other hearing participants with courtesy, respect and dignity. Animosity, angry outbursts, threats of hostility, or any other disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  10. Each participant must follow the instructions of the ALJ and allow the ALJ to control the hearing.
  11. The hearing will be recorded so take turns speaking and do not talk over one another.
  12. As space in some hearing facilities is limited, please limit the number of individuals who will observe, but not participate in, the hearing. 

See NAC 360.060.