Marijuana Regulations


Establishes requirements relating to marijuana; establishes procedures for the issuance, suspension or revocation of licenses issued by the Department of Taxation relating to the regulation and taxation of marijuana pursuant to NRS 453D; and provides other matters properly relating thereto.



    Permanent regulations will govern the adult-use marijuana program in early 2018. The Department held public workshops on the first draft of proposed permanent regulations in July 2017. The Department then revised the draft based on public comment. The revised draft was submitted to the Legislative Counsel Bureau in September 2017. Before the regulations become effective, they must be adopted in a public hearing by the Nevada Tax Commission and approved by the Legislative Commission.

      Revised Draft Submitted to LCB

      First Draft - Workshops Held July 2017

      July Workshops Agendas, Minutes, Audio Recordings

      July Workshops Public Comment




          Marijuana Distributors

          Packaging and Labeling




            Fair Market Value at Wholesale

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