Returns, Payments, Credits and Refunds

Obtaining and Receiving Tax Returns

If you need to file Sales Tax, Use Tax, or Modified Business Tax returns, you can file these returns electronically after registering to use our interactive website, NevadaTax. NevadaTax is located at If you file using NevadaTax, a link to a copy of the return you filed will be made available to you.

If you prefer to print paper returns and mail them to us, returns are available if you click the “Common Forms” link on the menu located at the top of the page on the left side. The Sales Tax, Use Tax and Modified Business Tax forms will calculate your tax, penalty and interest based on the Period End Date chosen, the amount of Sales, Use or Wages entered, and the Date Paid (this field defaults to today’s date, but can be changed). Please note that it is extremely important to insert detailed information on these forms such as your TID, business name and period reporting for.  You may click here to get blank forms from our Tax Forms

    Methods of Submitting Payments

    Payments can be made via cash only with visits to the district offices.  Payments of check or money orders are accepted in office and through the mail.  You can also pay via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) on the Department of Taxation’s interactive website,  NevadaTax allows users to file tax returns, make payments, and view financials associated with your Sales and Use Tax account or Modified Business Tax account. Effective July 1, 2008 payments of $10,000 or more in aggregate are required to be done electronically.

      Payments for Taxes- how long for a payment to clear

      During certain months of the year, the Department receives a particularly high volume of returns and payments. This typically happens in April, July, October, and especially January, which coincides with the due dates of monthly, quarterly and sometimes annual returns. Due to increased returns and payments received, processing can take longer than normal. It could take as long as 15 days for your check to clear your account. If after 15 days your payment hasn’t cleared and you have concerns, please contact your local Department of Taxation office before stopping payment.

        Amending a Tax Return

        To communicate amendments or corrections that need to be made on a tax return, an 'amended return' must be mailed to the Department reflecting these changes in the following manner:

        1. Include a copy of the original return.  
        2. Write the word “AMENDED” in black ink in the upper right-hand corner of the return. 
        3. Line-through the original figures, in black ink, leaving original figures legible. 
        4. Enter corrected figures, in black ink, next to or above the lined-through figures. 
        5. Enter amount of credit claimed (if any) or amount due. 
        6. Include a written explanation and documentation (such as credit memos, exemption certificates, adjustments, etc.) substantiating the basis of the amendment(s). 
        7. If the amended return results in a credit, a credit will be used first to satisfy current liabilities unless a refund is specifically requested. Please note on the amended return if you are requesting a credit refund.
        8. Email the amended return along with any additional documentation to OR mail your amended return to:
          Department of Taxation
          1550 College Parkway Suite 115
          Carson City NV 89706  
        9. If additional tax is due, please remit payment along with applicable penalty and interest. 
        10. The Department will send you a written notice when a credit request has been processed and the credit is available for use or refund. Please do not apply a credit to future returns prior to receiving Departmental notification that the credit is available.(Click here for sample view of the Departmental Notification that the credit is available)