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Centrally Assessed Airlines
If you own or manage an airline and know the company is centrally assessed by the Department of Taxation, please see the list of forms with the accompanying directions below. If your company has never been centrally assessed by the State of Nevada Department of Taxation, please call one of the appraisers listed under CONTACT US section of the main Centrally Assessed page.
ANNUAL PROPERTY TAX REPORTS File all requested information on or before March 31st of the current calendar year. EXCEPTION: Companies new to the Centrally Assessed tax roll should contact us at the Department of Taxation. We will then send the appropriate forms and their respective due dates.
The Department may, for good cause, grant extensions for up to one 45-day period, provided a written request is received prior to March 31 and provided the request contains good cause for the delay in filing.
In addition to the annual property tax reports, an Actual Construction Work in Progress Report and Projected Construction Work in Progress Report must be filed. 

    Centrally Assessed Property

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