Taxation Revenue Statistics

November 2018

- February 01, 2019

Taxable Sales Summary – November 2018

Statewide taxable sales for November 2018 totaled $5,111,430,721. This is an 8.5 percent increase over November  2017. The largest increases were realized General Merchandise Stores, up 11.3 percent; Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers, up seven percent; and Nonstore Retailers, up 26.5 percent.  The following major sales indicators for the state’s two largest counties and ten largest industry sectors represent changes in Nevada’s economic activity for November 2018 compared to November 2017*:


Thirteen of Nevada’s 17 counties recorded increases; Churchill (-0.7%), Eureka (-25.4%), Pershing (-69.2%), and White Pine (-18.1%) recorded decreases.

* Food Services/Drinking Places and Accommodation categories have been excluded from this chart due to business changing NAICS categories that resulted in substantial over-the-year decrease/increase for these categories that is unrelated to economic activity.

Revenue Collections from Sales and Use Taxes – November 2018

Total collections from Sales and Use Taxes amounted to $415,221,595 for November 2018, a 10.2percent increase compared to November 2017. The state 2 percent portion of Sales and Use Taxes collected amounted to $102,663,937. This represents an 8.9 percent increase compared to November 2017.

Compared to the December 2018 Economic Forum projections, and based on Department analysis, the General Fund portion of the Sales and Use Taxes is approximately 0.27 percent, or $1,431,953, below the Economic Forum forecast for Fiscal Year 2019 through the November period.

Monthly Excise Tax Revenue Collections – November 2018

The Department reports collections for Excise Taxes of $34,708,239for the month of November 2018, an increase of 21.0 percent compared to the same month the prior year.

Compared to the Economic Forum’s December 2018 projections, through the November period of Fiscal Year 2019, the Cigarette Tax is up 11.5 percent, or $7.7 million above projections and the Other Tobacco Products Tax is up 0.9 percent, or $68,800 above projections. The Liquor tax is also up 0.9 percent, or $173,300, above projections. The Live Entertainment Tax is $1.76 million, or 15.8 percent, below projections. The Transportation Connection Tax is down $385,400, or three percent, relative to the projection for the General Fund portion of the tax.

Compared to the Consensus Forecast for marijuana revenue, the Wholesale Marijuana Excise Tax through November is $766,500, or 4.3 percent, above projections.  The Retail Marijuana Tax is $478,000, or 2.3 percent, above projections.  It should be noted that since the fiscal year 2019 projections for marijuana excise taxes have been recently updated, they utilize actual revenues for the months of July through September 2018.  For the October and November period alone, wholesale tax collections are 10.9 percent above forecast, and retail tax collections are 5.8 percent above forecast.