New Regulations

Regulations that are adopted by the Nevada Tax Commission are not effective until filed with the Secretary of State. Once filed, the regulations have the effect of law even if they are not included in the Nevada Administrative Code. Regulations are added to the Nevada Administrative Code by the Legislative Counsel Bureau. The regulations posted on this page are effective but have not yet been added to the Nevada Administrative Code. 

Adopted Regulations

LCB File No. R018-17 Partial Abatement and Change In Use

LCB File No. R001-20 Property Tax and Personal Aircraft

LCB File No. R021-17 Partial Abatement of Remainder Parcels

LCB File No. R003-20 Committee on Local Government Finance - Fiscal Watch Status

LCB File No. R002-20 Committee on Local Government Finance - Ending Fund Balance

LCB File No. 108-20 Fair Market Value of Wholesale Cannabis

LCB File No. R074-20 Transferable Tax Credits

LCB File No. R123-18 Loss/Damage Charges

LCB File No. R056-18 Regulation for Prepared Food

LCB File No. R143-18 Credit Interest Regulation

LCB File No. 191-18 Bad Debt Regulation

LCB File No. R190-18 Definition of "Vehicle" for Tire Tax