Short Term Lessor Fee FAQs

Short Term Lessor Fee FAQs

What is the Short Term Lessor Fee?

The Short Term Lessor Fee is a tax imposed on businesses that lease tangible personal property to others for periods of less than 31 days. This includes rentals of vehicles, equipment, or other physical goods.

Who is required to pay this fee?

Any business that leases tangible personal property on a short-term basis in Nevada must pay the Short Term Lessor Fee. This encompasses a wide range of businesses, from car rental agencies to equipment rental companies.

How do I determine the fee amount?

The fee is calculated as a percentage of the gross rental income derived from short-term leases. The specific percentage varies, so it is advisable to check the latest details on the Nevada Department of Taxation website or contact them directly.

When are the fee payments due?

Payments are due quarterly and must be submitted by the following dates each year:

  • April 30
  • July 31
  • October 31
  • January 31

How can I file and pay the fee?

Businesses must file and pay electronically through the Nevada Tax system, available on the Nevada Department of Taxation’s website. You will need to register your business and log in to your account to access the filing and payment services.

Are there penalties for late payment?

Yes, failing to file or pay the fee on time can result in penalties and interest charges. It’s important to adhere to the due dates to avoid these additional costs.

Can I get an exemption from the Short Term Lessor Fee?

Typically, there are no exemptions available specifically for the Short Term Lessor Fee. However, certain types of business activities or rental transactions might have specific exclusions. For precise information, consult the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Note: FAQs are for general guidance only. For written advice as it relates to your business, request an advisory opinion from the Department.

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