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State Board of Equalization

The State Board of Equalization

The State Board hears and determines all appeals from action of County Boards of Equalization. The State Board also hears and determines direct appeals from valuations of the Nevada Tax Commission and other appeals as provided by law. The Division of Local Government Services provides staffing for the State Board of Equalization. Publications are grouped by topic and tax type below. Click the links below to go to:

    Next Meeting Date:


    November 18, 2019

    1:00 p.m.

    Nevada Department of Taxation

    Large Conference Room

    1550 College Parkway

    Carson City, Nevada


    Video-Conferencing to:

    Nevada Department of Taxation Training Room

    2550 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 180 

    Henderson, Nevada


      • 2018-19 State Board of Equalization Guidelines

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