Online Services

Register Online with SilverFlume

Nevada's online one-stop business portal consolidates the forms and information needed to start and run your company. SilverFlume eliminates redundancy and improves accountability by collecting your information one time and using that information in transactions with the appropriate agencies. SilverFlume allows you to concentrate on growing and operating a successful company.  

Flumes are artificial water channels and were used extensively to carry minerals and timber in a quick and efficient manner in the mines that made Nevada  “The Silver State.” SilverFlume replicates the fluidity of those waterways by acting as a portal for the transfer of information. Businesses can access documents and information and eliminate redundancy by providing basic information just one time to facilitate transactions with appropriate governmental agencies.

File and Pay Online with Nevada Tax

Registering to file and pay online is simple if you have your current 10 digit taxpayer’s identification number (TID), a recent payment amount and general knowledge of your business.
Go to the link below and follow the steps to enter your user and business information; verify the business TID and a recent payment amount.
Once the information is verified you will be sent two e-mails. One email confirming your chosen user name and the second with a temporary password.
You will then return to and click on “Returning User”, type in your chosen user name and the temporary password you received in the e-mail. The system will then prompt you to retype the temporary password for verification and ask you to choose a new password.
You are now registered to use the Department’s online filing system.

Validate Resale Certificate/Report Tax Evasion

You may conduct an internet search to ascertain if a vendor holds a valid permit. You may also submit a tax evasion tip for sellers that may not be reporting or remitting tax the the department.