Request for Payment Plan

Pursuant to NRS 360.2915

The Department adopted regulations for the payment of any tax in installments over a period not to exceed 12 months upon the execution of a written agreement by the taxpayer and the Department. The Executive Director may, upon good cause shown, allow a taxpayer to pay in installments over a period longer than 12 months.

See NAC 360.450 through NAC 360.464

The Nevada Tax Commission (NTC) passed regulations to administer the processing of a taxpayer’s request for payment of taxes in installments.  The Department may enter into an installment agreement under the following conditions:

(a) The taxpayer submits accurate and complete information that the Department requires to determine whether to enter into the agreement;

(b) The taxpayer agrees in writing that he or she will comply with all applicable laws and  regulations of the Commission during the period in which the agreement is in effect, including, without limitation, reporting and payment requirements;

(c) The taxpayer agrees in writing that the agreement may be terminated immediately if the taxpayer fails timely to make any payment required by the agreement or defaults in any other reporting or payment requirement;

(d) The Department determines that as of the date on which the taxpayer requested to enter into the agreement, the taxpayer is unable to pay the entire amount of taxes, interest and penalties due for financial reasons;

(e)  A personal guaranty must be signed by two responsible persons in their individual capacities. If there is only one responsible person, the agreement must contain the personal guaranty of that person in his or her individual capacity. In lieu of or in addition to any personal guaranty, the Department may require a personal guaranty of any other person agreed upon by the taxpayer and the Department.

The Department may deny a request to enter into an agreement if the taxpayer has not complied with a previous agreement with the Department to pay taxes, interest and penalties in installments.

Pursuant to NRS 360.473

The Department will record personal and corporate and/or entity lien certificates in the office of any county recorder to secure the tax debt.

Installment plans that are 36 months or less and under $50,000 (tax only), the Installment Plan Request form is all that is required.  Once submitted, your assigned Revenue Officer will contact you to sign the formal payment agreement and personal guaranty.

Installment plans exceeding 36 months and over $50,000 (tax only) will require the financial statements to be completed.  If your business is closed, it is not necessary to complete the Business Financial Statement.