Net Proceeds of Minerals Tax

Net Proceeds of Minerals Tax

In Nevada, the net proceeds of minerals tax is determined annually by the Department of Taxation. The tax is based on the actual production of minerals from all operating mines, oil and gas wells, and geothermal operations in Nevada for the prior calendar year.

The Nevada Net Proceeds of Minerals Tax applies to revenue generated from the extraction of mineral resources in Nevada. It is a form of property tax, but it specifically targets the mining industry.

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Net Proceeds Annual Projection Report

  • Who Should Use It? This report is for mining operators to project the annual yield of their mining activities. It aids in financial planning and compliance by providing an estimated overview of expected production and potential financial obligations in terms of taxes and royalties.
  • Filing Frequency: Annually, once per year.

Royalty Form for Net Proceeds of Minerals

Operators Reporting Net Proceeds of Minerals

Geothermal Operator Statement of Gross Yield and Claimed Net Proceeds


  • Tax Base: The tax is calculated based on the “net proceeds” which are the gross revenue from the minerals extracted minus allowable deductions.
  • Allowable Deductions: These deductions can include costs related to mining, processing, and transporting the minerals. This might also involve administrative and overhead expenses directly related to the operation.

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